What To See In Borneo For Great Travel Experience


Preferably, you will need to know about what to see in Borneo when you have idea to travel to this island. When it come to Borneo, many people maybe have heard about this island. But small amount of people know more in detail about this island. Borneo actually is Giant Island in Asia which itsterritory was divided by three nations. Borneo Islanddivided into three parts which Sabah and Sarawak was included into Malaysia, Kalimantan included into Indonesia, and Brune was territory of small nation. Beside the fact that this island was divided into 3 part of territory, this island has many wonderful places to be visit for travel.

When we talk about Borneo, even though this is a great island, the large part of this island is great rain forest. Many flora and fauna can be found in this island because the large part of the island is rain forest. Even many rare flora and fauna species can be found in here. So it is not surprising if we say that this place have many interesting place to visit. If you want to know what to see in Borneo tourismyou can read some tourism suggestion in Borneo Island below.

  1. Kakaban Island

Kakaband Island actually is Small Island In The Vicinity Of Borneo Island. This island is very famous in world tourism. In this place, you can dive underwater with group of jelly fish. For those of you who love diving activities, Kakaban island undoubtly would be great destination on your travel. You can experience diving or snorkeling with a group of beautiful jelly fish which will be unforgettable memory on your life.

  1. Labuan Cermin Lake

Labuan CerminLake is beautiful lake with very clear water. The most wonderful place on this lake itself is the 2 kind of water in the lake. Labuan Cermin lake has 2 kind of water, which is salt water and normal water. Beside there is 2 kind of water in this lake, there are some kind of natural barrier that makes these two types of water not fused. The barrier which separate these twokind of water visible like a white mist in the water.

  1. PasirPanjang Beach

PasirPanjang beach is beautiful beach with beautiful natural view. This beach is very long coastline at singkawang, Borneo. This place is very beautiful and very suitable to relaxed and enjoy yourself.

  1. Alun-Alun Kapuas Park

Alun-Alun Kapuas Park is a park with waterfall and giant fountain. This place is very beautiful to be visited on your travel to Borneo island. Alun-Alun Kapuas park very suitable to be visited when day time. But if you willing to visit this place at night, you will encounter more beautiful scenery in this park.

The place mentioned above is small part for what to see in Borneo tour. Beside the places mentioned above, in fact here are many other places you could visit for your travel in Borneo island. So you did not need to hesitate anymore and just come to this island. Naturally, there will be many places for you to visit as your travel destinations.