Tips to prepare to undergo laser spine surgery procedure


There are many people suffering from spine related issues and hence, may have been recommended to undergo laser spine surgery. It is termed to be a procedure which is used widely for treating several types of back conditions, which includes annular tears, radiculopathy, sciatica, lumbar disc herniation, and other ailments. Patients find this procedure beneficial, since it is termed to be minimal invasive. There is required just local anaesthesia for completing the procedure smoothly. Hence, it can be differentiated from the other back surgery types conducted.

Is it the right option to avail?

Since there are readily available various types of treatment and surgical process to treat this condition, it becomes crucial to discuss with the best spine surgery doctor in India, if laser spine is the right solution or not. The physician after conducting thorough tests and check-up of the patient will make proper recommendations.

Tips to prepare for the procedure

In case, the patient has been suggested to undergo this procedure, then it becomes essential to know the tips to overcome the fear that may be associated with it. This will not help with the recovery process, but also ensure that the patient gets into the OT with an open mind filled with peace and satisfaction.

  • Firstly, it becomes important to prepare a list of questions and anxieties faced to ask the surgeon about the procedure. Similar to other surgeries, this one also comes with its own set of risks, which needs to be well understood and discussed upon.
  • Even though, laser surgery is stated to be less invasive when compared to other available options, some risks still linger. It will be useful to know about them and what is being done by the medical team for minimizing the issues. This way, the person will feel greatly reassured. The different issues to discuss with the top spine specialist in India will include duration of surgery, risks of infection, what to expect during the surgery, along with other concerned topics.
  • On discussing in length with the surgeon about the surgical details and complications involved, there is also a need to know about estimated recovery time as well as how soon can he/she get back to normal life after getting discharged from hospital. Few patients are found to take around 6 weeks to recover fully, while others might take even more.
  • The physician is sure to suggest some lifestyle changes to be made after the surgery. Laser spine surgery although being a short procedure involving local anaesthesia, often hospital stay is not necessary. The surgeon will suggest the patient to avoid drinking or eating before the surgery and after it for certain time period.
  • After the surgery, if the surgeon permits to go home, then someone has to help to get back home. This is because it will not be possible to drive immediately after the surgery.

The patient will be provided with pain medication and be placed on regular schedule to speed up the recovery process and to reduce pain effectively.