How to Stop the Premature Greying Of Hair


If your hair is turning grey, then you must be concerned about it. Here are a couple of things you can do in this regard. While following the underwritten tips, you can take the services of hair experts for scalp treatment for dry scalp.

Reduce your stress

This is one of the biggest culprits if you have faced sudden and massive change in your hair color. You need to apply different things to manage your stress. If you are a busy person, then do a proper time management and spare some time for yourself. You can go out for short holidays. This will lower your stress level. You can apply other things like going out for a walk, meditation and yoga.

Eat right food

It is imperative for you to eat the right food if you want to stay healthy. Consume quality protein because your hair and nails are made up of keratin, this is a form of protein. Include dairy products and spinach in your daily diet. You can also take a low fat ice cream and consult your physician for protein supplements.

Quit smoking

If you want to stay young, then you have to quit the habit of smoking right away. Smoking not only affects your hair, it is injurious for your skin and internal organs. It has carcinogens that are harmful to a human body.

Greying Of Hair
Greying Of Hair

Check your thyroid levels

People who are suffering from any kind of hormonal imbalance, whether it is thyroid malfunction or any other are prone of grey hair. Check your thyroid level to ensure that you do not suffer from this problem.

Do not use harsh shampoos

If you are using a shampoo for long and experiencing grey and loss of hair, then you must change your shampoo. It is advised to opt for an organic shampoo because harsh chemicals present in them bring negative effects. Shampoo and conditioner can affect your pigmentation and may cause hair fall.

Oil your hair

Contrary to the popular believe that hair do not require oil because they are dead cells. It is noticed that dry and dehydrated hair often leads to hair loss and grey hair. Massage your hair regularly; visit a hair spa for the betterment of your hair health and scalp treatment for dry scalp.

Things you should eat

The best way to prevent the grey hair is to ensure the supply of various nutrients. If your body will consume nutritious food items, then the chances of grey hair will minimize.


It is essential to include sufficient amount of fresh vegetables in your diet. Include capsicum, cabbage, celery, and other leafy green vegetables.


If you have a sweet tooth, then you will become happy by this. Is there any other sweet and delicious food to prevent the grey hair? Chocolate is full of copper and this enhances the melanin production in your body. You need to eat dark chocolates to get maximum benefits. There are a couple of other food items, which you can consume for your hair like salmon, triphala, berries and almonds.

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