Gold Loan at Attractive Interest Rate by Melbourne Gold Company


Nowadays, pawnbrokers have reported an elevated number of customers that come in with their jewellery. Consumers rather simply sell it than to pledge it as security for a gold loan, as the financial crisis has its burden. Borrowing via a pawnbroker may not be for everybody due to higher interest rates than what a bank can offer you long-term but there are just times that it can help resolve a short-term cash problem without the need to lose your jewellery.

We are a gold dealer shop that buys unwanted jewellery items and we also loan money against gold. As prices have shot up recently, consumers do take advantage by selling their valuables, especially gold. People are now more aware that they can get cash by merely selling things they don’t actually need.

In line with this, as a pawnbroker, we do see this as an increase in the traditional lending business as well. We give our customers money in exchange for a gold item that is held as security until you can pay off the loan plus the interest charges. Once we value the gold items we give you an offer we can lend against along with our interest rate. If you agree, you can practically leave our shop with the money in your hands.

The process is very easy. You can bring to us your gold jewellery item/s. We weigh it, we look up the recent market pricing and we give you an offer. You can either accept or decline it.

We will pay you cash on the spot. The following items are considered for cash for gold:

•Gold Necklaces, bracelets, rings, bangles, earrings, lockets, pendants, cufflinks,
• Old broken scrap jewellery items
• Dental gold
• Old gold coins or gold ingots

The loan term can be as you desire from one week to one year. Short term loans only require a single payment at the end while longer term require monthly payments. Nonetheless, you can pay us back at any time during the course of the agreed loan term months by merely paying off your loan amount and the interest due.

If you are to redeem the loan just before the end of your loan term, there are no early redemption fees, as well as no early exit payments. Your items are safe as they are deposited under full insurance in our safety and secured vaults until your loan is paid fully. After this, your item will be given back to you.

We can readily offer you a cash loan with a basis on your jewellery’s highest market value. We also offer more cash compared to other pawnbrokers.

Remember, we can make your gold into cash in two simple ways.
1. You can secure a cash loan against the real worth of your gold and you can retrieve your back your item later.
2. You can turn your broken and unwanted gold items into cash.

Please bear in mind that if you choose to get a gold loan against your gold jewellery that you will be paid slightly less than if you were to sell it for cash.

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