Day out in the city of Hyderabad


Also known as the Pearl City, Hyderabad is the royal city of south India. It is the city of Nizams with great history, but also embracing modernity at the same time. The fast pace, liveliness and energy of the city will hypnotize anyone who visits it. This fabulous city has a history of 400 years. But today, it is as developed as any modern city in the country. Hyderabad promises you good food, wonderful places to see and an amazing stay.

If you are in Hyderabad for only 24 hours, here are some things you ought not to miss –

Birla mandir –

Start the day with a visit to this peaceful temple on top of the hill. The entire city will be seen from here and it is indeed a mesmerizing view. The beautiful temple made of white marble is devoted to the lord Narayan. It will indeed be the best start to a wonderful day.

Breakfast –

A south Indian breakfast consisting of idli, dosa and vada is a must. You can also try other south Indian dishes like the lemon rice or puliyogare.

Golkonda fort –

The huge fort may now be crumpling, but it is still a sight to see. The rock fort stands as an evidence to the years gone by and the city that was. It is a wonderful place if you love forts and historical locations.

Lunch –

It will be a waste if you are at Hyderabad and won’t have their world famous hyderabadi biryani. The chicken biryani is just amazing. You will find many hotels dishing up this delicacy. However, make sure you go to authentic and reliable hotels that do make the traditional biryani as promised. After the lunch, you can fresh up and take some rest because the city is quite hot all through the year. Check out the best hourly hotels in Hyderabadfor a few hours rest.

Charminar –

The symbol of Hyderabad, the charminar is a must visit when you are in the city. The four centuries old minaret is ancient and interesting. It lies in the old Hyderabad region where roads are buzzing with people and culture.

HussainSagar Lake –

The enchanting lake that lies at the heart of the city is calm and attractive. You can watch the sunset at this beautiful lake and enjoy a boat ride too.

Shopping –

You can either do your shopping at the Lad bazaar or hit those posh malls in the city. At the lad bazaar, you get all kinds of beauty and make up stuff ranging from bangles to earrings. The malls however display the best international and nation brands of everything.

Dinner –

Dinner can either be an awesome Andhra thali or again the wonderful biryani.

Hyderabad is a city worth visiting if you can spare even a day. You can soak in multicultural and multilingual environment. What will surprise you is how all these people can live in such harmony and goodwill. Hyderabad is a stimulating confluence of traditional and modern. You will find both the past and the present in this city.