5 Basic Steps to Redecorating


Any home improvement project can cause a strain on the family. There are many aspects that go into the planning that must be agreed upon. Going into the project many people are under the misconception that there are aspects that are set. This isn’t true. Every aspect has options and decisions that must be made about them. There are steps that can be taken to help in this process. These steps vary depending on the extent of the project. If there is any remodeling involved, there will be several more steps. For this article, we are going to assume there will not be any remodeling.

  1. Use of the Room – This step may not be a factor for all improvement projects. When the room is a true redecoration project there is not a need for this step. If the room is going to be repurposed then making pros & cons list for each option will help make the decision easier.
  2. Wall Covering – The first step is choosing between paint, wallpaper, or paneling for the walls. Then you need to choose the color of the coverings. You will have to decide if you will cover the entire wall in your choice or mix the options.
    1. Paint – When paint is going to be the only option then the texture of the wall will need to be picked. Then if the walls will be all one color, if a pattern will be used, or if the walls will be part paint and part paneling or part paint and part wallpaper.
    2. Wallpaper – The first step is finding the style and color of wallpaper to be used. If you are using a mix of paint or paneling then the pattern and colors will need to flow with the style of the paint or paneling.
    3. Paneling – Paneling a room has the same steps as wallpapering a room. See above.
    4. Flooring -The choices for redecorating is laying carpeting and hardwood floors. There are other options but that would require contractor work.  A room that isn’t carpeted can be changed up by simply adding a rug.
    5. Decor – The decor of a room can be changed up by adding in items from other locations of the home. A room can be changed be adding as little or as much as you desire. Even adding in just one item can make a dramatic change.
    6. Furniture – Much like the decor, the furniture of a room can be changed by as adding as little or as much as you desire. Even one item can make a dramatic difference in a room.

The cost of a decoration project can add up quickly. Steps can be taken to help save money. There are companies that offer better prices and discounts when you shop off their websites. There are other websites dedicated solely to offering coupons and discount codes that various merchants are offering at that time. Groupon.com is one such website. Utilizing these options can save you money that you could put back into your project. Grouping your project by these five steps will help keep you organized and on track.